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Jockey Wheels

It’s often the smallest things which can cause the biggest problems. Imagine for a second how much more difficult it would be without an operational Caravan Jockey Wheel.

We understand the importance of why every part of a Caravan needs to be operational, which is why we stock an extensive range of Trailer Jockey Wheels and spare parts, allowing you to get ready for your next trip. From 14” adjustable stands, to Solid Tyre Power Movers, and Swivel Jockey Wheels, My Caravan Parts will stock the option you require.

We also have a range of Jockey Wheel Spare Parts to suit your needs.

On the off chance we do not have what you need listed on the site, feel free to Call our Staff to talk to them about your requirements, and how we can help provide you with a solution which meets your needs. 

14" Adjustable Stand With Flat Base

14" Adjustable Stand W...

This ALKO adjustable stand comes with a 14" flat base and clamp and can be used as...


6" Alko Solid Wheel

6" Alko Solid Wheel

A replacement 6" (150mm) solid wheel.


8" Steel Rim Wheel

8" Steel Rim Wheel

This is a replacement 8" (200mm) X 2" steel rim wheel.


ALKO 10" Solid Tyre Jockey Wheel

ALKO 10" Solid Tyre Jo...

This ALKO Jockey Wheel is a general purpose jockey wheel with 10" solid wheel. It...


ALKO 10" Solid Tyre Power Mover

ALKO 10" Solid Tyre Po...

This ALKO 10" Solid tyre Power Mover comes with a ratchet style handle to overcome...


Alko Power Mover Lever Handle

Alko Power Mover Lever Handle

This Lever handle suits the Alko solid wheel Power Mover.


Jockey Wheel Thrust Race Bearing

Jockey Wheel Thrust Race Be...

This thrust race bearing will suit most jockey wheels that have 150mm wheels (6").


Manutec Easy Mover

Manutec Easy Mover

This Manutec Easy Mover is designed to freewheel in the same direction as the caravan...


Manutec Jockey Wheel

Manutec Jockey Wheel

The Manutec standard jockey wheel is available in three different sizes: 6", 8...


Manutec Jockey Wheel Handle

Manutec Jockey Wheel Handle

This Manutec Jockey Wheel Handle comes in two styles and can be attached to the jockey...


Manutec Single Jockey Wheel Clamp

Manutec Single Jockey Wheel...

This Manutec Single Jockey wheel clamp can be welded or bolted to the A-frame of your...


Manutec Swivel Jockey Wheel

Manutec Swivel Jockey Wheel

This Manutec Standard Swivel Jockey Wheel has a pin locking swivel bracket that is...


R.R.R.S. Lawn Cutter Inner Tube

R.R.R.S. Lawn Cutter Inner ...

A quality inner tube replacement to suit a 4.10 x 3.50 tyre.


Rubber Jockey Wheel Receiver

Rubber Jockey Wheel Receiver

This black rubber jockey wheel receiver is used as a support cradle under the jockey...


Rubber Tyre 4.10 - 3.50 X 4 Ply

Rubber Tyre 4.10 - 3.50 X 4...

A replacement rubber tyre 4.10 x 3.50 x 4 PLY in size.


Trailamate Base Plate

Trailamate Base Plate

Trailamate Base Plate is an attachment used for jacking up your RV.


Trail-A-Mate Hydraulic Jockey Wheel

Trail-A-Mate Hydraulic Jock...

This Trail-a-mate Hydraulic Jockey Wheel converts to a hydraulic jack and levelling...


Trail-A-Mate Jacking Bracket / Pair

Trail-A-Mate Jacking Bracke...

The Trail-a-mate Jacking brackets come in a pair. They are welded to the chassis of...


Trail-A-Mate Jacking Handle

Trail-A-Mate Jacking Handle

This Trail-a-mate Jacking handle is used to pump the hydraulic jockey wheel up.


Trail-A-Mate Lifting Clamp

Trail-A-Mate Lifting Clamp

The Trail-a-mate Lifting clamp to suit the Hydraulic Jockey Wheel. Has a groove for the...