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Have you lost your Treg Lynch Pin or maybe your whole Treg Spring Pin? Have you just bought a used off road camper but need the Treg 3T Detachable U Tow Bar Fitting to be able to tow it?

Look no further My Caravan Parts carries a range of coupling spare parts to suit your needs. Browse through our range of Coupling Spare Parts now, or Contact one of our friendly staff for advice and help.

ALKO Brake Arm Attachment

ALKO Brake Arm Attachment

This ALKO Lever Hand Brake and Mounting Plate suits the ALKO Mechanical Override...


ALKO Mechanical Handbrake

ALKO Mechanical Handbrake

The ALKO mechanical handbrake is a top mounting parking lever for caravans and trailers...


Treg 3T Detachable U Tow Bar Fitting

Treg 3T Detachable U Tow Ba...

The TREG 3 tonne detachable U tow bar fitting is the receiver for the 3 tonne TREG poly...


Treg Independent Handbrake Assembly

Treg Independent Handbrake ...

The TREG independent handbrake assembly accompanies the Treg couplings. It has a press...


Treg Lynch Pin

Treg Lynch Pin

The TREG Lynch pin accompanies the TREG spring pin.


Treg Spring Pin

Treg Spring Pin

The TREG Spring pin accompanies the TREG 3 tonne detachable U tow bar fitting. It is...