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Sleeping Equipment & Bedding

No matter how picturesque the scenery and no matter how good the company, your trip away will be severely dampened if you don’t have a good night’s sleep. The key is to make sure your sleeping conditions are as close to ideal as possible, with a comfortable bed and a comfortable sleeping temperature.

If your caravan is a couple of years old, then chances are you may need to consider replacing some of the RV mattresses. Fortunately, My Caravan Parts have a number of Caravan Mattress choices, including queen size mattresses. We also stock Caravan Sheet Sets with customised rounded corners for your convenience.

Browse through the ranges and find what you need, or feel free to Call our Staff to help you over the phone.

Caravan Bamboo Fitted Sheet Set

Caravan Bamboo Fitted Sheet...

Made from luxurious, durable and breathable bamboo fabric, this sheet set has rounded...