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Getting out on the open road is a great holiday escape. However, once you reach your destination it is nice to be able to stretch your legs and choose how to visit the area around you. You may want to enjoy a scenic walk, or perhaps you want to do some mountain bike riding in some of Australia’s national parks.

If you are planning to do some riding, you will need to pack your bike. My Caravan Parts stock the K-Rock Folding Bicycles in a range of colours - they are bikes you can take anywhere as they fold up into a compact size, making storage easy.

My Caravan Parts also stock caravan bike racks, such as the Thule 'Spare Me' Bike Carrier, which are specially designed to be mounted to the spare wheel of most 4WD’s. This means that travelling with bikes should never again pose a problem and how you choose to explore your destination is entirely up to you. View our range below or contact us today with any questions you may have.

Thule Spare Me Bike Carrier

Thule Spare Me Bike Carrier

The Thule "Spare Me" Bike Carrier mounts on to the spare wheel of most 4WD...