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Washing Machines

Why suffer the inconvenience of having to find a Laundromat on the open road, queuing up to wash clothes and ensuring you have loose change on you just so you can wear fresh clean clothes?

My Caravan Parts have a range of Washing Machines for Caravans, including the Companion Single Tub and Companion Twin Tub Washing Machine, meaning you don’t need to search for a place to wash your clothes on the road. Perhaps best of all, our Washing Machines are designed for small spaces, so you need not lose valuable Caravan space.

Browse through our Washing Machine range now, or Contact one of our friendly staff for advice and help. 

Companion Ezywash Manual Washing Machine

Companion Ezywash Manual Wa...

This Companion Ezywash Manual Washing machine is great for the camper or someone with...


Companion Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

Companion Portable Twin Tub...

This Companion Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine features a wash and spin capacity of...


XQB22 Lemair Washing Machine Lid Assembly

XQB22 Lemair Washing Machin...

This is a replacement lid assembly to suit the XQB22 Lemair Washing Machine.