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Camec 3 Point Hinged Main Door Lock


This Camec 3 Point Main Door Lock is the main door lock in the middle of the Camec Security door. It is available for left-hand or right-hand hinged doors. 

You will require a left-hand hinged door lock if your door hinges are on the left when you are looking at the door from the outside of your caravan or RV.

Please Note:

Assembly Instructions:

To remove the Main door Lock

To remove the main door lock you unscrew the three screws in the lock. They are situated, one at the top, one at the bottom and one in the middle behind the slide locking snib (open catch that you lift up and down).

To Remove the Lock Barrel from the Main Door Lock 

Once you have removed the main door lock from the Camec Security door, hold the handle open and turn and pull the rear metal lock activator (cylinder). When removing the key barrel, work from the rear, push the small detent ball down into the lock whilst rotating the lock so that the square protrusions on the lock line up with the gaps in the housing. You should now be able to slide the lock out from the front.

To Fit the Lock Barrel to the Main Door Lock 

To fit the lock barrel to the main door lock put the key into the lock and turn so as to line up the square protrusions on the lock with the gaps in the housing. Put the barrel at an angle so that the detent ball goes into the housing first and depresses whilst the rest of the lock is pushed in. The detent ball should extend and secure the lock in place.

Note: Do not remove the lock and remote latches at the same time! Always leave at least one lock or latch in place at any time. Otherwise the aluminium rack in the security door will fall down making alignment of the rack/latch gear harder.

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