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Camec 3 Point Door Lock Outer Handle Kit


This Outer Handle Kit includes the spring and suits the Camec 3 Point Door Lock.

Assembly Instructions:

To Remove the Old Handle 

To remove the old handle from the Camec Security Door you need to remove the outer half of the lock. When that has been removed you need to get the metal lock casing out. This is done by releasing the small black plastic catch at the base of the metal lock casing which holds it in the housing. Use a small screw driver to do this and also use it to push the housing up towards the top. Once it has passed the black catch the housing should be able to be removed. After that the handle should be able to be removed. If you are having difficulties break or bend the small spring.

To Fit the New Outer Handle

To fit the new outer handle you just push the handle into the same section you removed the old one from and the spring should click into place. One the outer handle has been fitted, replace the metal housing and then refit the outer half of the door lock.

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