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As much as we would all like to, unfortunately, it is not possible to holiday all the time. This means your caravan is likely to sit idle in the front yard, or in the garage, waiting to be used on the next holiday.

Rather than letting the elements damage your van, or letting dust accumulate, protect your RV with a purpose designed Caravan Cover. We have a broad range of Camper Covers and Caravan Covers and stock different sizes from 10 foot covers to 22 foot covers, meaning you will find exactly what you need.

Our covers are UV stabilised, made of 3 layers and are lightweight, meaning you can have peace of mind that your caravan will always be protected. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Prestige Camper Cover

Prestige Camper Cover

This 'Prestige' Camper Cover is made of a 3 layer, UV stabilised, breathable...


Prestige Protection And Repair Patch

Prestige Protection And Rep...

The Prestige Caravan Cover "repair kit" is 3.0m x 22cm and fixes holes in...